About the Centre

​The Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law (CCAL) is established under the patronage of the Vice Chancellor of National Law University Jodhpur, Professor Poonam Pradhan Saxena. The Centre publishes its flagship Journal and Blog under the guidance of our Director, Professor I.P. Massey and members of the Advisory Board such as Former CJI M.N. Venkatachaliah, Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhawan and Professor Timothy Endicott amongst others. We attempt to create a niche in the field of comparative constitutional law and administrative law discourse by discussing existing precedents and the constant changes that are taking place in the field. Our endeavour is to promote a wide-scale engagement not only limited to students pursuing law, but also academicians and other legal luminaries alike. 

Any debate on constitutional and administrative law would typically involve aspects of law, politics as well as philosophy. It is this that makes this sphere of law so fascinating, along with the fact that it has the ability to influence the lives of people from all sections of society, in a way few others can. Thus, it is not altogether uncommon to find people who are not necessarily lawyers or policymakers debating a constitutional law topic over a newspaper and a cup of tea, sometimes without even realizing that they are doing so! Constitutions decide how our leaders must conduct themselves and how they can act in the discharge of their functions. Besides this, how much privacy we are entitled to in our daily lives, to what extent we can express what we want to, even who we can marry, are all at their core, constitutional law questions.


We attempt to share discussions from countries that are not traditionally English speaking, in the English language, so that readers of the journal can benefit from diverse views. This includes developing countries like our own, where there is a need to promote research and writing so as to be better represented in academic discourse.


The Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Journal (ISSN: 2582-9807) ["CALJ"] is the flagship journal of the Centre for Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, published under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) I.P Massey, Dean, Faculty of Law, National Law University Jodhpur.  It is an open-access online journal published bi-annually,  aiming to foster debate on contemporary issues in comparative constitutional law and administrative law, with a comparative perspective. The first issue of CALJ was published in 2013. The issues of CALJ are indexed on SCCOnline and Manupatra.

CALJ aims to promote scholarly excellence in the area of comparative constitutional and administrative law with a diligent editorial board, an eminent advisory board and an institution known for its academic excellence. Each issue contains articles, notes, case comments and book reviews based on contemporary issues of comparative constitutional and administrative law.

Pith & Substance: The CCAL Blog

Pith & Substance: The CCAL Blog, is a recent initiative of the Centre, to enhance and contribute to discussions on contemporary issues in the fields of constitutional law and administrative law. We seek to provide a space where scholars, students as well as legal practitioners can share opinions on constitutional and administrative law themes.

Board of Advisors


Justice (Retd.) M.N. Rao Venkatachaliah

25th Chief Justice of India


Judge (Dr.) Georg Nolte

Judge, International Court of Justice, Hague




Dr. Rajeev Dhawan

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India


Prof. (Dr.) Susan Rose-Ackerman

Henry R. Luce Professor Emeritus of Law & Political Science, Yale University


Dr. Menaka Guruswamy

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India


Prof. (Dr.) Timothy Endicott

Professor, Legal Philosophy, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford



Chief Patron

Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Pradhan Saxena


Prof. (Dr.) I. P. Massey

Faculty Advisor

Asst. Prof. Vini Singh


Sandhya Swaminathan & Prakhar Raghuvanshi

Managing Editor

Ayush Mehta

Deputy Managing Editor

Falguni Sharma

Executive Editor

Piyush Sharma

Deputy Executive Editor

Garima Chauhan

Senior Content Editors

Kirti Harit      Karunakar     Aditya Maheshwari       Palak Jhalani

Associate Editors

Ayush Mangal      Akshay Tiwari      Rachana R.      Himanshi Y.             Revati S.                    Atharva C.      Vishnu M.             Siri Harish       

Copy Editors

Sonsie Khatri      Sinchan C.        Siddhant R.      Akshat         Sourabh  M.                Anjali S.        Sri Janani       Krishangee P.