In this article, Anita Bharathi seeks to simplify the ambiguities surrounding “Doctrine of Ouster Clauses” and how these clauses exclude judicial review. The author has provided a comprehensive insight into how the concept of statutory finality is different from Ninth Schedule under the Constitution of India. She suggests that intention of the ouster clause in the statute must be looked at, in order to resolve the conflict between powers of judiciary and legislature and has relied on several judgements to bolster her argument.

CALQ Volume 5 Issue 1 - Curbed Applicati
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In this article, Aditya Rawat & Divyanshu Chaudhary discuss the need to reconcile Constitutional morality with public morality, using recent incidents of religion based mob lynching. The authors have further delved into this issue by drawing a comparison between legal framework on mob lynching in India and Pakistan. This article argues that public morality needs to be in symbiotic understanding with Constitutional morality.

CALQ Volume 5 Issue 1 - Competing Challe
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In the backdrop of ongoing debate on electoral malpractices in presidential elections in Nigeria, M.A. Etti & M.A. Lateef in this article argue that the strict interpretation of the constitutional provisions on the time limit for adjudication of electoral disputes defeats the essence of substantial justice and impacts negatively on the role of the judiciary in social engineering. The authors have further compared the effects of this malpractice in Kenya from that of Nigeria and have come up with several solutions to curb this menace.

CALQ Volume 5 Issue 1 - From the Polling
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